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Price List

Adult Prices


Initial Consultation $50,  Effective 06/01/2024, Price will increase to $65

Follow-up Visits $39 Effective 06/01/2024, Price will increase to $44


Prepaid Package of 5 Visits (~$39/Visit)   $195

Prepaid Package of 10 Visits (~$38/Visit)  $380

Family of 3  $100

Family of 4  $130


Infant/Child Prices 

Initial Consultation $65

Follow-up Visits $40



Worker's Compensation & Impairment Exams

For FCE's, Impairment Exams, and Worker's Compensation there are no fees and the insurance company will be billed (Workers' Compensation Cases).

Cash Price for Impairment Exams and FCE's can be discussed with Dr. Cohen (Personal Injury Cases)








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